The endemic city in Italy … terrifying scenes from “Corona Hospital”


Eyewitness photos documented terrifying scenes from Bergamo hospital in northern Italy, where Corona patients are spread in every corner, after an outbreak of infection in the city, which has become the most affected in the country by the virus.

Sky News monitored the conditions at Papa Giovanni XXII Hospital in Bergamo, Lombardy.

Although this hospital is considered one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe, it is collapsing or almost, in front of the huge increase in the numbers of patients of the emerging coronavirus.

In the photos, medical crews appeared in the hospital, pushing the moving family, and women and men with HIV, and provided the family with artificial respirators, which indicates that they have pneumonia, the most prominent symptom of the deadly virus.

And these workers are pushing patients into wards that are already full of patients, who suffer from terrible conditions, as the oxygen tubes supply them with fresh air, which their sick lungs thirst for.

The patients were not only in the wards, but also in the hospital corridors, which were teeming with patients clearly suffering from symptoms of corona, especially shortness of breath.

Even the hospital emergency room has turned into an intensive care unit, after the original unit was filled with patients. This room still receives new arrivals, whose condition is very poor.

And nowhere else in the world are there patients who are suffering in intensive care rooms but in varying shapes, but here the patients are about to die.

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