The emergency details imposed by pubg mobile, the owner of the game pubg, after it faced some crises and the players retracted it


The company that owns the game Buggy Mobile is now living in a state of emergency, especially after a lot of problems and crises appeared in the game a while ago, which resulted in the end a large number of players retreated from it, and some of them got angry at the game, so they are now working to find a solution Final to this problem, as it is one of the most famous electronic games in the world, and this cannot be the end of it, and these problems must be solved as soon as possible until they return to the scene again.

Emergency game company Bebji Mobile

The problems faced by the game of Buggy in the recent period are called briefly the black phenomenon, which spread after many of the cheaters in the game who used illegal methods to win and reach high levels, as many hackers who called Hackers appeared while taking over Player accounts, steal their accounts and take their efforts.

Solve the Bubji game for the black phenomenon

The owner of the game, Bebji, had to work to radically solve this problem, as it is working on launching a new update that contains strong systems and programs that monitor cheating and hackers cases and prevent them from playing the game permanently, thus working to provide a fair and clean environment for playing.


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