The Egyptian Stock Exchange closed at a height


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The Egyptian Stock Exchange closed higher, today, Thursday 5 March 2020 11:42 pm

The Egyptian Stock Exchange indexes recorded a collective rise at the close of trading today, driven by purchases by local and Arab institutions and investment funds, while foreign investors’ transactions tended towards selling.

The market capital of the shares of companies listed on the stock market gained about 7.9 billion pounds to end the transactions at a level of 644.4 billion pounds, amid total transactions amounted to about 1.1 billion pounds, which included transactions in the main dealers market and transfer of ownership deals.

The main index of the stock market, “EGX 30” increased by 1.36% to reach 12,347.65.65 points. The index of small and medium shares “EGX70” increased by 76.2% to reach the level of 872,172 points, and the broader “EGX 100” index added about 1.85% to reach the level of 12,666,78 points.

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