The discovery of organic molecules on Mars indicates an alien life on it


NASA’s Curiosity Probe has discovered interesting organic compounds on Mars, indicating that early life forms could be found on the Red Planet.

As the probe toured the size of a car around the Gale crater on Mars more than 7 years ago, organic particles found on Earth in coal and crude oil were identified, as well as strangely within the white truffle, as well as the fungus on the surface of Mars, hinting that there is a strange life on the planet Red, according to what was reported in the newspaper Daily Mail.

These chemicals, called “thiophene”, are important molecules because they contain carbon and sulfur, which are essential components for life.

And a new study assumed that its discovery on the surface of Mars corresponds to the existence of early life on this planet. The study indicates that the biological process, which most likely involves bacteria, may have played a role in the presence of the organic compound in the soil of Mars.

Washington State scientists have found that ancient bacteria, which may have existed more than 3 billion years ago, when Mars was warmer and more humid, could facilitate a chemical process that leads to “thiophene”, and there are also other ways in which the thiophene is broken down by bacteria.

The scientists said: “This is a major step in the search for life on Mars, but it is not concrete evidence.”

However, scientists cannot rule out the possibility that some other non-biological process may lead to the emergence of compounds on Mars. One possible explanation is that it was taken there on a meteorite that landed on the planet.

The NASA spacecraft has captured a series of strange images of the barren red planet’s horizons. The probe studies the rocks of the Martian surface and looks for signs of life by exploring the 3.5 billion-year-old hole known as “Generation Crater” since it landed there in 2012.

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