The discovery of a black hole a billion times greater than the sun


Scientists have discovered the oldest and largest glowing fake star “Blazer”, a supermassive black hole and one of the most emitting energy and rays in the universe.
Scientists were able to discover this hole, which is estimated to be about 13 billion years old, after they detected high radio waves emitting it, which means that it is incredibly bright even from very far distances in space, according to the Weiss website.
A team of scientists led by Silvia Peladetta, a graduate student at the University of Insupria in Italy, announced the discovery of the hole in the journal “Astronomy and Astrophysics”, and it was called PSO J030947.49 + 271757.3, which is the first known hole in such a “shift to red”, which is A scale that measures the distance of light objects based on the distorted color of light, a phenomenon that reflects the increase in the length of the electromagnetic wave coming to us from one of the celestial bodies due to the speed of its distance from us.
The “plasma” is a special class of active galaxy nuclei, representing the centers of specific galaxies through supermassive black holes that feed on large quantities of gas, dust, and stars.
The combined observations allowed the team to estimate that the discovered black hole is about a billion times larger than the sun, and, by comparison, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way is only four million times more than the sun’s mass.
When this material is located in the black hole, it becomes very active and vital, which leads to the release of luminous amounts of matter and radiation traveling at speeds close to the speed of light.
What separates the “bazars” from the nuclei of ordinary active galaxies is their orientation toward Earth.


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