The Disciplinary Committee clarifies Al-Ain’s position on its summit with Al-Jazeera


Hamdan Al-Zyoudi, Vice-Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee in the Emirates Football Association, confirmed that the committee did not receive any complaints from Al Ain (the leader) about the match of the 19th round of the Arab Gulf League.

The summit that brought the leader together with Al-Jazeera (the pride of Abu Dhabi), which ended with the latter’s 3-1 victory, has seen some controversial decisions.

The international referee, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, announced the second yellow card, and thus the expulsion, in the face of Bandar Al-Ahbabi, Al-Ain player, to complete Al-Ain’s match incomplete.

Sultan Rashid, the leader of the leader’s soccer team, has been critical of the arbitration decisions taken by Hassan on the grounds of the “Mohamed bin Zayed Stadium”.

“We do not question the conscience of the referee, but he committed some influential mistakes, including the expulsion of Bandar Al-Ahbabi,” Rashid said in comments to the Dubai Sports Channel following the summit.

However, the Vice-Chairman of the Discipline Committee discontinued the suspicion of certainty, to reveal that the leader has not submitted any complaints related to his match against the pride of Abu Dhabi.


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