The diaries of Nancy Ajram, Yara and Allama .. in the home stone


Lebanese star Nancy Ajram shared her fans with new photos from inside the home quarantine, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and short video sharing site. Nancy appeared in the pictures that I published, without makeup, and also wore a plain pullover in black, commenting on her saying: A new day and a new security, good morning.

Earlier, the actress Nancy Ajram recounted how she lives her life with the quarantine imposed on herself and her family within her country, Lebanon, after the spread of the Corona virus, which has arisen in it.

Nancy said that she is happy with her home and that she stayed a long time with her children, which exceeded two weeks from the beginning of the isolation and does not face any problems at home, and she does not think to leave the house except in the extreme necessity of going to pharmacies or the supermarket.

Nancy said, during an intervention with a program on MTV, that she was spending quality time at home with her children, dividing time at home among her children and helping them to do their homework online.

Nancy added that she is keen on constant communication with her followers on the social media, noting that she has other talents other than singing that she practices with her children at home during the quarantine period.

For its part, despite its presence in the home stone, the Lebanese star Yara released a new song entitled “Habibi Ya” on her official channel on the site “YouTube”, which is a song in the Gulf dialect.

Because of the domestic stone, Yara will be absent from tomorrow evening from the evening, which was scheduled to be performed at Al Majaz Theater in Sharjah, as part of the activities of the new season for the evening of the “Hala Al Majaz” festival.

In the same context, the artist Ragheb Alama posted on his account on the “Instagram” application a new video, which he filmed while he was committed to the home stone.

In the video, accompanied by his son Khaled, he is practicing. He pointed out that the latter was harsh on him and forced him to carry the equivalent of 30 kilograms. However, in commenting on the video, he expressed his pride in that and wrote, “I love sports in the open air! The sweetest thing is when your son shows a man and uncle trains you.

The video achieved more than 191 thousand views in the first hours after publication. This comes after the announcement of his commitment to the home quarantine that is being followed in Lebanon in order to prevent the increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus.

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