The decision to return the Lebanese expatriates was taken .. This is the date for announcing the steps


Under the title: “Decision to organize the return of the Lebanese from abroad after Berri’s threats,” Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper wrote: Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri has threatened to suspend his representation in the Lebanese government, if it maintains its refusal to return the emigrants before next April 12, which he did Political contacts to reach a solution to return them from countries affected by the “Corona” virus in Europe and Africa, before next Tuesday.

The hint of Berri moved political initiatives and entered “Hezbollah” on the communication line. An emergency ministerial meeting was held chaired by Prime Minister Hassan Diab to finalize evacuation mechanisms, and political sources confirmed to “Asharq Al-Awsat” that the decision to organize the return was taken yesterday, through flights organized by “Middle East Airlines”, revealing that “the executive steps will be announced officially on the day of Next Tuesday after the cabinet meeting. “Foreign Minister Nassef even told Asharq Al-Awsat that the decision to return the Lebanese who are currently abroad abroad is the prerogative of the Council of Ministers, and the Foreign Ministry is implementing the decisions taken by the Council, as is the case of other ministries. He revealed even that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently completing data collection on the situation of Lebanese expatriates abroad in order to take appropriate measures when the Council of Ministers decides the path to be taken in this framework. He pointed out that the ministry is currently, through Lebanese missions abroad, to monitor the situation of the Lebanese, and to provide assistance when needed, especially with regard to students.

The day after his escalation against the government, President Berri went on an additional escalation yesterday, where he said in a brief statement issued by his media office: The government stayed on its position on the issue of expatriates for next Tuesday, so we will suspend our representation in the government. “Political sources said that there were several proposals put forward in the past hours to evacuate the expatriates, amid assurances from them that they were present to exempt the state from any costs, while the Lebanese “Middle East Airlines” company confirmed that it was present to evacuate them. The sources pointed out that among the proposals being studied “sending a medical mission consisting of nurses and a specialist doctor who examines them there before they board the plane, and they are sorted between cases that need a home quarantine or isolation, before their arrival in Lebanon.”

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