The decision to play the Napoli match without an audience cost us 6 million euros


Was a club Barcelona The Spaniard announced today, Tuesday morning, the establishment of a confrontation against his team against his team Naples The Italian, due to be held on the eighteenth of March this year at the Camp Nou, the Blaugrana stronghold without an audience, due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus in Spain in the past days.

He came out Josep Maria Bartomeo, President of Barcelona, ​​made statements while in the sports club Circo Equestrian Who is in the Catalonia region, after the final decision to play the match without an audience, admitting that the club will sacrifice money worth 6 million euros, but they are forced to do so.

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In this regard, Bartomeo said:The recommendation to play without an audience we made as a commitment, and we deeply regret the fans and the soccer world, but we have to be more responsible, we wanted to play against our fans but the government issued a decree to hold the league matches without an audience, and the players of Naples will arrive safely despite the closure of flying».He added about material losses: “This is secondary, because health comes first, and after that, the financial damage estimated at six million euros can be calculated.”

Bartomeo joked about raising some fans against him white flags asking him to leave, saying: «If we play without an audience there will be no white flags, but this is normal, I also took out a white flag when Ronaldo Nazario was sold to Inter Milan, Repeating that material lossThe value of 6 million euros».


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