The death of the former club president of Marseille with Corona virus


Babi Diouf, former president of Marseille club for the period (2005-2009), died at the age of 68, after contracting the Corona virus in his native country, Senegal, French newspaper L’Equipe reported on Tuesday.On Tuesday evening, he announced that Diouf had been injured and admitted to a hospital in his country, Senegal, and that he had been in intensive care.

Diouf was a successful agent for players in the 1990s, as he was the agent of Joseph Antoine Bell, Marcel Desailly, Basil Polly, William Gallas, Samir Nasser and Didier Drogba.

Pappy also worked as a famous journalist in Senegal and France, and arrived in Marseille in 2004, before he was officially appointed as president one year later, specifically in 2005.

He accused the former president of Marseille of tampering with the transfers of players at the end of 2016, and after filing a court decision against him in 2018, he fled to Senegal, along with part of his family.


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