The daughter of Ahmed Zaher undergoes surgery and her father reveals the developments of her condition … in pictures


The artist Ahmed Zahir worried the public about the health of his young daughter, Malik, after he posted pictures of her in the hospital after she underwent an operation, and sent her an impressive message before revealing the details of her condition.

Ahmed Zahir sends a touching message to his young daughter

And Ahmed Zahir published a picture of his young daughter, King, inside the hospital after performing a surgery, which he revealed in his influential message to which he said: “Thank God for your safety, the daughter of my heart, and the daughter of my life, praise be to God for your safety, my kings, and, God willing, will you remain like the full.”

The development of his son Ahmed Zahir’s health condition

Ahmed Zaher revealed the details of his son’s condition and reassured the public about her health and said in his message: “A crisis and I returned, thank God the bitterness, and we have cried it. Praise be to God, my Lord, he will be away from you any bitterness in your life, my beloved, and he will have all your days.”

Her sister, Laila Zahir, also sent a touching message to her, and published her photos after she underwent the surgery. She said: “Thank God for your safety, my love … with your love, strong, may God bless you, my Lord, you know me, I love you, oh, thank you to all the people who asked me Ali Malik, the best praise be to God, I pray for her Ahmed Zahir received dozens of comments from his colleagues and fans who wished to heal his young daughter.

Ahmed Zahir’s daughter worries the audience

It is noteworthy that Malak is the eldest daughter of Ahmed Zaher, and the audience has known her since childhood when she participated with her younger sister “Laila” in several cinematic roles such as “Captain Hema” and “Omar and Salma” in addition to the series “Minors” before their father decided to prevent them from acting Until the end of their university studies.


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