The date for depositing the pensions in April


Riyadh (Echo):

The General Organization for Social Insurance announced that it will deposit tomorrow, 1st of April of the current year, all pensions for its clients, which amounted to more than one billion nine hundred million riyals, benefiting more than four hundred thousand beneficiaries, noting that the exchange is not limited to pensioners only, but extends to All beneficiaries, such as the owners of occupational hazards pensions and pension beneficiaries of the “Sand” unemployment insurance system.

The Foundation clarified that it is continuing, as usual, to deposit pensions in the accounts of beneficiaries and family members of the deceased person who died at the beginning of each Gregorian month, according to the provisions of the social insurance system, stressing the efforts made by its employees through the remote work techniques provided by the Foundation to perform this task to the fullest extent, and deliver the dues Insurance to their owners as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, the Foundation affirmed that it was aware of the importance of following the instructions issued to implement the work remotely and an interest in the safety of all, and its commitment and commitment to its customers to perform procedures and adopt best practices, to ensure the continuity of providing its services, as it added to the electronic services of the office services to enable its clients from employers, subscribers and beneficiaries From completing their requests electronically without the need to review the institution’s branches through its electronic portal Here, And apply my insurance.

This comes as a result of the Foundation’s great efforts towards complete digital transformation and its constant pursuit of everything new that appears on the technical scene in order to develop the service provided to its clients in line with the objectives of the national transformation program.


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