“The Coruna Virus will not deter us from hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.”


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                Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has confirmed that the Olympic Games, to be hosted by Tokyo from July 24, 2020 to August 9, will remain on schedule, despite concern over the emerging Corona virus and its impact on sporting events around the world.

                                    <p>Abe indicated that his government had no intention of declaring a state of emergency due to the "Covid-19" virus, which affected more than 140,000 people and led to the death of more than 5,400 people around the world.

The words of Abe came two days after US President Donald Trump proposed to postpone the games for a year after the great confusion caused by the virus in the calendar of sporting events around the world.

“We will be in close cooperation with officials, including the International Olympic Committee. Nothing has changed,” the Japanese prime minister said in comments on Saturday 14/14 he added. “We want to host the games as planned without any trouble by overcoming the spread of the virus.”

The organizers and the Japanese government have previously insisted that the preparations are in full swing, and that those concerned did not propose the postponement or cancellation of the world’s largest sporting event, which takes place every four years.

The German Olympic Committee Chairman, Thomas Bach, had confirmed in an interview with the German IRD network this week that the committee will follow the recommendation of the World Health Organization, which classified “Covid-19” as a global epidemic, regarding canceling or postponing the Olympic Games.



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