The company “Netflix” seeks to invade Africa with a drama series on espionage


Netflix seeks to invade Africa with a spy drama series

The American company, “Netflix”, for entertainment services via the Internet, unveiled a new African drama series that revolves around the world of espionage, in an attempt to obtain a greater marketing share in the African markets that are still controlled by satellite channels.

The new series bears the name “Queen Sono” and is about a South African spy trying to reveal the truth behind the death of her mother, a member of the former liberation groups.

“Bloomberg” news agency reported that Netflix is ​​in the process of launching an animated series from Zambia, and an exciting film about the world of crime in Cape Town, followed by another film work produced in Nigeria, whose name has not been identified yet.

“Bloomberg” added that Netflix last year employed a Kenyan producer called Dorothy Getuba, in an attempt to produce business that drew its idea from Africa, with the aim of attracting more than a billion viewers from the continent’s black population.

“We are doing our best regarding Africa … Africans love to watch themselves on the screen, and Africa is inhabited by a huge population, and they want their stories to be represented,” said Gyotba in an interview in Johannesburg.

While Netflix provided funding to deliver locally-produced cinematic content around the world, it has been slow for Africa.

“Bloomberg” stated that Africa has just begun obtaining internet speeds and the prices of suitable data transmission services that allow persuading viewers to subscribe to live broadcast services for entertainment content instead of relying on satellite channels.

TV Marketing Research Foundation says the revenue from subscribing to video-on-demand services in Africa was $ 183 million last year, but it is expected to rise sevenfold to more than $ 1 billion by 2025.

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