The cleansing campaign in Saudi Arabia will soon extend to the defense and security sectors


The Intelligence Online news website revealed that the purification campaign taking place in Saudi Arabia will soon extend to the defense and security sectors.

And the website quoted its sources as saying that the defense sector is about to change, and mentioned in particular the General Authority for Military Industry, and “Saudi Military Industries”.

He said that German President of “Saudi Military Industries” Andreas Schwer will leave his position to Saudi.

The site stated that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman used the American consulting firm “Kearney” to reshape the defense sector, and that it was working to reshape the National Guard to integrate it into the Ministry of Defense.

Kearney is also working to reform the military “Armament and Contract Review Committee” chaired by the Crown Prince.

It is noteworthy that private sources from Riyadh had confirmed last Saturday to Al-Jazeera Net that the authorities carried out a campaign of arrests on March 5 and 6 this March that included senior princes in the royal family.

The American Wall Street Journal and New York Times quoted informed sources that the two princes, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the brother of the Saudi king, and the former crown prince, Muhammad bin Nayef, were arrested.

The newspapers added that the Saudi authorities accuse the two princes, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef, of high treason, and that they face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

They said that the arrest also included Prince Nawwaf bin Nayef, brother of the former crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

The newspaper added that the arrests come at a sensitive time for Saudi Arabia and the royal family, as Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s decision to stop religious visits to the Great Mosque of Mecca due to the Corona virus was raised.

The New York Times also said that the crown prince’s plans to modernize the Saudi economy had not shown tangible progress, while the concerns caused by the Coruna virus had led to a significant drop in oil prices.

20 princes
The Middle East Eye news website reported in a special report published last Saturday that up to twenty princes were arrested in this campaign, most notably Prince Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, the last of the surviving brothers of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The report indicated that three other names included in the arrest are Prince Nayef bin Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, the son of Prince Ahmed, the king’s brother, the former crown prince Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and his half-brother, Prince Nawwaf bin Nayef.

The arrests also included Prince Fahd bin Abdullah bin Muhammad, one of the princes who had previously been arrested at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh in a campaign conducted in November 2017.

The Middle East Eye report said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the princes of the Al Saud to write tweets on Twitter expressing their loyalty to him after the arrests, and indicated that three princes have already posted tweets in this sense.

A source told Reuters that Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince and de facto ruler of the country, accused the detainees of “making contact with foreign powers – including the Americans and others – to carry out a coup.”

The source considered that bin Salman “strengthened these arrests his grip on the authority in full .. And ended up with this process of purging,” indicating that he now has no competitors in front of him who could object to his accession to the throne.


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