The case of the young man refusing stone in Kafrerman interacts … The mayor appeals


In a statement, the mayor of Kafrerman, Haitham Abu Zaid, blamed the Ministry of Health and the Disaster Authority for the failure to perform their role in terms of quarantine on one of the townspeople (AND), who returned days ago from # France and rejects the stone, and wanders daily in the town, He did not care about the risks posed by his behavior towards the townspeople.

Abu Zaid confirmed that “we have been contacted again and again with the Ministry of Health through the hot number 1214 and we did not receive an answer, as we also contacted the security forces and the Disaster Authority last Sunday to stop the suspect and put him in quarantine, but unfortunately the security forces patrol was withdrawn according to the Prosecutor’s reference And after we contacted the police station to clarify the matter, they confirmed that the matter is under the custody of the municipality and the Ministry of Health, which unfortunately is absent from hearing.

Abu Zaid pointed out that “after the flow of contacts that we made, and we failed to obtain a result, and we are afraid of the worst, we contacted the head of the Health Authority in Nabatiyeh, publicly we get a satisfactory result, and after a hard effort, the head of the authority contacted the adviser of the Minister of Health yesterday. He assured him, “An ambulance is dispatched to take him to the stone in the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital, but unfortunately the suspect is still wandering in the town, moving between its shops, and the ministry did not fulfill its promise.”

Abu Zayd put the issue in the custody of the ministry to carry out its duty, blaming “all those who were contacted for the responsibility of the failure to stop the person suspected of his injury”, stressing that “any risk that occurs as a result of keeping him free, the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, because as a municipality we did everything possible but with Sorry, no result. ”

He also stressed that “the municipality closely follows all the citizens returning from abroad, through the municipal police, and communicates with them in quarantine and everyone is responsive, except for this person who did not comply with anything, and the matter is in the custody of the competent ministry and public opinion.”

I broke all the restrictions to stop and announce: “I am the chef as Badour from the Kingdom.”


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