The “Cannes” and “Meet Gala” festivals continue despite the spread of Corona


Art news Art news and artists’ news: The “Cannes” and “Meet Gala” festivals continue despite the spread of Corona Source of the news – Arabic Art with news details The “Can” and “Gala” festivals continue despite the spread of Corona:

Artists’ latest update: Friday 18 Rajab 1441 AH – March 13, 2020 KSA 13:39 – GMT 10:39
Publish date: Friday 18 Rajab 1441 AH – March 13, 2020 KSA 13:08 – GMT 10:08 Source: Arabic.Net – Rania Luke

The Cannes and Meet Gala festivals are annual events awaited at the art and fashion levels. The first will be held in France, while the second will be held in New York. But will the activities of these two festivals be affected by the spread of the new Corona virus and its transformation into a global epidemic?

Fear of the spread of this disease had caused the cancellation of many activities around the world, such as the Cochella Festival, the celebration of the memory of St. Patrick in New York and other festivals.

As of now, preparations for the “Cannes” and “Meet Gala” festivals are ongoing. It is expected that the activities of “Cannes” festival will be held between 12 and 23 May. The festival’s director, Pierre L’Escore, expressed optimism that the epidemic will reach its climax at the end of this month, making the situation improve in the following period. He also pointed to the possibility of research in canceling this festival in a situation that has not diminished.

The beginning of this week witnessed a decision taken by the French government to ban gatherings of more than 1,000 people, in order to limit the spread of this virus, which numbered 2,200 cases in France, while globally, it infected more than 127,000 people. About 68,000 people have recovered from the virus, while the number of deaths has exceeded 4,600.

The organizers of the “Cannes” festival have not yet revealed how to implement the measures taken by the government regarding the gatherings at a time when this festival usually receives about 2,300 people.

As for the “Gala” party, which is usually held in New York, and is considered one of the most famous occasions linking art and fashion, it still exists until now. The event aims to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum. It will be held on the fourth of May next.

Nancy Shelton, who is the head of the foreign affairs department at this museum, expressed the curators closely following the ceremony to put the spread of the Corona virus closely, while they follow up the preparations for the ceremony.

And this year, the “Meet Gala” party chose the topic of time linkage with fashion. The co-presidency has been assigned to designer Nicolas Giscard and Broadway star Lyn Manuel Miranda, as well as Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine in her American version and actresses Emma Stone and Meryl Streep. This ceremony usually brings together the most prominent names in the world of entertainment, sports and fashion.

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