The “Butcher Tents” scandal is a hot file between Beirut, Washington and Tel Aviv


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                On Sunday 3/22, a Lebanese military source confirmed that Antoine Hayek was killed in the town of Mieh and Mieh on the outskirts of Sidon, in southern Lebanon, as a result of being shot.

                                    <p><strong>It is reported that Al-Hayek was one of the collaborators of Amer Al-Fakhouri in the Khiyam detention center during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon.</strong>

Hayek’s killing comes a few days after al-Fakhouri was acquitted by the military court, and his smuggling immediately into the United States, which sparked great popular discontent.

Al-Fakhouri and Militia South Lebanon Army“:

Amer Al-Fakhoury, famous for his nickname Butcher tents He was a militia leader South Lebanon Army Which cooperated with the Israeli army during its occupation of southern Lebanon during the eighties and nineties of the last century, and consisted of about 2,500 members, following the defection of a Lebanese army unit from the leadership in 1976 during the Lebanese Civil War, founded by the former Lebanese army officer Saad Haddad, and succeeded in its leadership by Antoine Until her mission was to fight the Palestinian and leftist organizations, and she took over the administration of the region for Israel, and when the Israeli army withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000, many militia members and families fled to Israel, given that those dealing with Israel face sanctions in Lebanon that reach up to J life imprisonment

Butcher tents“:

Amer al-Fakhouri assumed the position of former military commander of Khiam prison, a detention center located on a high hill within the town of Khiyam, in a fortified position overlooking northern Palestine on one side and the Syrian Golan Heights on the other hand and securing control of them.

Al-Fakhouri faces accusations of imprisonment and torture of hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians in this prison, during the 22-year Israeli occupation of the south, who fled Lebanon in 1998 two years before the Israeli withdrawal, and in the same year he was sentenced in absentia to a 15-year prison sentence with the hard labor of accusing him Of labor to Israel.

Al-Fakhouri’s return, escape, or exit:

And in September/September 2019, the return of Al-Fakhouri, who holds American citizenship, from the United States through Beirut airport, caused widespread anger in Lebanon, and his detention to consider the implementation of the rulings against him led to intense American pressure on the Lebanese government to release him, until he became a prisoner who is a severe embarrassment for many of Lebanese political parties.

The military court decided, in a secret hearing, on March 15 / March, that the crimes attributed to him in relation to the torture of prisoners in 1998 fell more than ten years after they occurred, and decided to release him immediately unless he was arrested in another case, although he was pursued in another suit filed by a number of former detainees in Khiam prison on charges of Arrested and tortured, he was released immediately.

On Thursday, March 19th / In March, an American helicopter from Cyprus landed at the headquarters of the American embassy in Lebanon, where Amer al-Fakhouri was, and he was transferred to the United States.

US President Donald Trump announced the release of Amer al-Fakhouri, thanks to the Lebanese government For its efforts to release Al-FakhouriAccording to his expression, a statement that has caused great embarrassment, not only with the Lebanese government, but with different Lebanese political forces, by extension.

On Friday, 3, the Lebanese Foreign Minister Nayef was summoned/20, the American ambassador in Beirut Dorothy Shih, to inquire about the circumstances of al-Fakhouri’s exit from its embassy outside Lebanese territory, while Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab was tweeting, saying on Twitter You cannot forget the crime of employment for the Israeli enemy. The rights of martyrs and freed prisoners do not fall into the justice of the sky over time..

back Butcher tents His escape or exodus raises a storm and many conflicts in Lebanon, as accusations escalate, confirming the involvement of large Lebanese parties, former ministers and high-ranking military leaders in Fakhouri’s escape from prosecution on Lebanese soil.



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