The Birds of Paradise channel for children Watch the latest frequency via Nilesat 2020 … Enjoy the most beautiful satellite channel in the world of children Toyor Al janah


Paradise Birds Channel One of the most beautiful channels that was dedicated to children of all ages, which has achieved great successes, and frequency Paradise Birds Channel It is now a general requirement of all Egyptian and Arab families, as that Toyor Al janah channel It is an educational entertainment channel for all children. From this channel, other channels emerged, such as the Jordanian Baby Channel, which addresses children of three years of age, and is considered Paradise Birds Channel Of the most important, best and best five channels for children, and almost even the first channel in the number of views and there is no Arab or Egyptian house except And toyor al janah channel It is placed on the list of his favorite channels, and in that article we present to you, the latest frequency For the birds of paradise, And also a summary of the great content you offer.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel 2020

When the Birds of Paradise Administration announced its new hesitation, the concern of children and their parents is to set the new frequency so that they do not miss the sweetest and most beautiful programs and songs for children.

Everyone is now searching for the frequency of the toyor al janah channel on all search sites on the internet, in order to parents to teach their children how to pronounce letters and form words and phrases, then understandable phrases through which the child can express his life requirements, as well as the parents sought after knowing the frequency This channel only indicates the extent of confidence in the information provided by this great channel.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel is:

The satelliteFrequencyCodingPolar
Nile Sat1131527500vertical

Birds of Paradise channel content from children’s songs and programs

The Birds of Paradise channel contains many educational and educational programs for the child as well as several entertainment programs, and among the most important programs that are found on this channel, including the Little Set The House program, and on Hawa Sawa, the platform of the love of God, your voice is a treasure, and suns that are not absent, and the name and meaning program, and also A visit with the girl.
As for the songs provided by the Birds of Paradise channel, including the song of cubes, the song Mama roamed Baby, the song tug of war, and the day of your birth.

Thus, we have shown you the latest frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel via Nilesat, and we have presented some programs and songs offered by this distinguished channel.


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