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Global stock markets tumbled with the spread of the Corona virus, which threatens to slow the global economy, but not all companies lose despite the global markets losing trillions of dollars of their market value.

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Heavy losses to the global aviation sector due to Corona

The following is a list of companies whose activities flourished in the time of Corona

Watching apps:

The Netflix movie platform was among the best performing last week, and analysts say corporate stocks, which help people stay in their homes like Netflix and Zoom, could be a safe haven for investors during the virus’s spread.

Sports companies and applications:

Sports equipment manufacturers ’shares and online fitness classes are also expected to rise, amid expectations that fitness enthusiasts will move away from crowded gyms.

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies companies:

It is expected that the pharmaceutical companies developing a drug or vaccine against Corona will be applauded by investors.

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The Arab countries most affected by China's measures to contain Corona

In addition, medical supplies manufacturers such as masks and gloves have seen their business thrive in light of the high demand for their products, as many are looking for ways to protect themselves from the virus that is spreading very quickly.

Remote control applications:

The use of remote control software such as “Team Fior”, a software that allows remote work, has increased in recent times, and the use of this type of software has increased in China, which pushed the shares of these companies to rise.

This comes at a time when United Nations economists estimated the economic damage caused to the world due to Corona, and said that manufacturing exports to the world fell in February alone by $ 50 billion.

Or the IATA, it has warned that its sector could incur losses of up to $ 113 billion in revenue due to Corona.

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