The bat is not alone .. the scaly anteater is another culprit of causing the virus


It exploded a study of new information about creatures with ant-like scales
They are found in Asia routinely smuggled as they are food for the Chinese and are used in the pharmaceutical industry,
But these creatures carry corona-like viruses, and it is likely that they transmitted them
To the world.

I found a new scientific study that appeared in a research journal Proteome
Pangolin mammals, too
Proteins similar to those found carry the virus that has invaded all parts of the world

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Most experts believed that bats in China were the original publisher
For SARS virus –
CoV – 2 Who caused the pandemic Sk
COVID-19, And with
That is, to be transmitted to humans, it must pass through a medium.

Researchers believe that pangolin may be the missing link.
They identified the protein sequences in the pathological lungs of the pangolin that were 91% identical to the proteins
Corona human virus.

The scaly anteater was smuggled from Malaysia to China, she says
The study suggests that these creatures carry strains similar to the Corona virus, and experts say that there are
More observation of wild bengolin is needed to understand the risk of its potential transmission to humans, it remains
Coronavirus transmission from bats to humans is a mystery.

Either way, scientists say more needs to be done to stop
Illegal trade in Pangolin around the world, it is considered a delicacy in China while
Its peels are used for traditional medicine and are believed to be the most traded animal in
The world, where one Pangolin is removed from the wild every five minutes.


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