The Arab hand and the North achieve Arab hopes and primacy


After the victory over the resurrection of Bani Khiar Al-Tunisi and Al-Ahly

Al-Arabi and Al-Shamal teams achieved their second victory yesterday by defeating Bani Khayar Al-Tunisi and Al-Ahly in the confrontations of the second round of the first round of the fifteenth Arab Championship for handball cup champion clubs hosted by the Tunisian city of Bani Khiar until the fourteenth of this month.
Al-Shamal’s victory came at the expense of Al-Ahly with a score of 32-28, while Al-Arabi won a victory over the resurrection of Bani Khyar Al-Tounsi, the owner of the land and the public, and the host of the championship, with a score of 33-24.

Great superiority

Al-Shamal achieved its second victory yesterday, at the expense of Al-Ahly, with a score of 28-28, to confirm that it is one of the knights of this Arab championship, after confirming its high readiness to present its best and seriously compete for the title, after having succeeded in reversing its delay against Al-Ahly to a convincing victory, which proved that it is one of the teams that will be Her mark on the tournament.
Returning to the course of the meeting, Brigadier Al-Ahlawi’s control at the beginning of the match lasted only 11 minutes, during which he maintained his progress in the result, but the North team managed to return in the game after organizing its ranks, taking advantage of the brilliance of its player Zarko Markovic, who scored many goals from various angles, giving his team the first priority In the meeting at the 13th minute level, by 9-8.
Al-Shamal continued its advantage, taking advantage of Al-Ahly players’ defensive errors, which made it climb the difference to two goals in the 20th minute at the level of the score 11-11, before doubling this difference in the last minutes to 4 full goals, ending the first half with a 19-15 victory.
In the second half, the north continued its control of the course of the meeting by diversifying it in offensive play on the parties or at the level of the circle or aiming from outside the seven-meter line, which gave him a great advantage at the level of scoring the goals translated by the difference that doubled in some moments to reach 7 full goals on The level of the middle of the second half, but Al-Ahly’s attempts to return in the result contributed to reducing this difference to only 4 goals, with the end of the confrontation that the North won by 32-28, raising its score to 4 points in the top of the ranking, while the position of Al-Ahly was complicated after it was lost to the second loss. The penultimate center b Wen balance.

Arab preference

In the last match of the second round’s clashes in the first round, Al-Arabi managed to impose his control on the Tunisian Bani Khayar’s mission, confirming his technical and physical advantage over his opponent after sweeping it with a score of 24-24, knowing that the first half also ended in the interest of Al-Arabawiya with a score of 15-12, and Al-Arabi proved that he was in a pattern Ascending, through which he looks to gradually raise his level up to the last game of the first round and the elimination roles.

Kamal Haddeer: Victory of determination and determination

The Tunisian coach, Kamal Hederer, Al-Shamal Club expressed his happiness at achieving his second victories in the championship and topped the table with 4 points after two rounds of the first round and victory over the Saudi and Al-Ahly Gulf teams, stressing that the North deserved to win in the past two encounters thanks to the determination of the players and their determination to provide their best in this The tournament said, “Praise be to God, the second victory crowns the efforts we made during the last period, especially since our team was among the first to arrive in Tunisia, where we preferred to set up a training camp more than a week before the tournament started in order to get used to the atmosphere and raise the level of preparation for this The Arab event and I think that this strategy has proven its effectiveness to date, given what we have achieved during the past two rounds.
Regarding the rest of the confrontations that awaited the North in the first journey of the countries, the coach said, “The rest of the confrontations will not be easy at all if we consider that we will face a mission of building a choice in the third round followed by facing the African Club next Sunday before we face the African in the tenth of this month, and I see that the matches The remainder, for us, will be cup matches that cannot be won other than winning in order to continue the path of Arab victories. ”

Markovic: Things are not resolved yet

Northern player Zarko Markovic stressed that the championship has not yet secured its secrets and that everyone aspires to be in the final rounds, stressing that the technical level during the past two rounds was very high and said, “We still have three games and we have to be well aware that things have not been decided yet so we must continue to work And we develop from our style in front of the rest of the competitors in order to reap more points and ensure the presence within the big four, and I think that things will then become more clear in the exclusionary stages because the mistake will inevitably mean leaving the competition for the title, which we do not aspire to happen to our team that is present in this championship in order toCompetition for the title. ”

Olayan: Qatari participation boosted the value of the championship

Saudi Abdullah Al-Olayan, Secretary General of the Arab Handball Federation thanked the Qatar Federation for the game, headed by Mohamed Al-Shaabi, for his great contributions to the success of the activities of the Arab Union over the past years and in statements on the sidelines of his presence in Tunisia to attend the Arab Championship competitions, Olayan said, “Whatever we give thanks and gratitude to the Qatar Federation Handball in its communication with the Arab Federation, this is little, especially in light of the great efforts it offers to make the tournaments successful. I believe that the participation of 3 Qatari clubs in this copy increased the technical value of this tournament, given the challenges it faced during the recent period after When I became threatened with delay or cancellation due to the spread of the deadly Corona virus, the participating clubs raised the challenge to establish this tournament and I believe that the results and the great technical level confirm that it will be one of the most successful tournaments away from the number of participants. ”

Today rest and tomorrow 3 strong confrontations

The clubs participating in the tournament today are subject to rest in order to recover and prepare for the matches of the third round, which will play its competitions tomorrow, Saturday, where Brigadier Al-Ahlawi will face the Saudi Gulf Club starting at 4:30 Doha time, followed by Al-Arabi’s confrontation with the Tunisian Club of Tunisia starting at half past six, to conclude with a confrontation A strong team that connects Al-Shamal with a team that sent Bani the option of hosting the championship.
And it will be a good opportunity for our three clubs to evaluate the past two rounds and correct some mistakes in order to return in the best possible way before entering the decisive stage.


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