The announcement of the first infection with the Corona virus in Tripoli


After confirming the first infection in the city of Tripoli for the Corona virus, Deputy Ali Darwish said: “Unfortunately, it was confirmed a short time ago that the first case of the Corona virus in our city, Tripoli, and the transfer of the injured yesterday evening from Jabal Mohsen to the Beirut Governmental Hospital to perform the necessary tests, the results of which were positive this evening Our prayers for him and all those who have recovered. ” And “These difficult days that we face require the utmost solidarity and interdependence, we call on our people to prevent and adhere to the required health measures with great seriousness, and we also call on the Ministry of Social Affairs and civil and international institutions to strengthen the means of prevention and help people support their families in what was imposed on them within the domestic quarantine, especially in poor cities “.

He added: “We are working with various parties, volunteers and institutions to raise awareness of the threat of coronavirus and to enhance prevention and resilience.”

Darwish also thanked “the medical staff, the Red Cross, and nurses who work around the clock in all medical centers,” and concluded, “God protect Tripoli, Lebanon and all of humanity, and help us in this scourge.”


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