Thanks to Corona … an early release of a symbol of the FIFA corruption scandal


Thanks Corona ... early release of a symbol of corruption scandal


Yesterday, a federal judge in New York granted an early prison release to Jose Maria Marine, one of the most prominent officials arrested for the FIFA corruption scandals.

Judge Pamela Chen allowed the release of Marin, the former president of the Brazilian Confederation, who was serving a four-year prison sentence for accepting bribes of millions of dollars in a series of “FIFA” scandals.

Marine, 87, was scheduled to leave prison on December 9, 2020, according to the US Federal Prison Office.

However, after a request from Marin’s lawyer, Chen granted him a “merciful release” due to reasons, including his aging age, his greatly deteriorating health, the high risk of serious health consequences due to the current outbreak of the Corona virus, his status as a non-violent criminal and serving 80 percent of his original sentence.

Marin was held in Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania.

The International Federation arrested Marin in April 2019 for life after the American judiciary convicted him of corruption.

He was one of the main figures in the major scandal that rocked world football and rocked FIFA, since 2015.

Source: Agencies


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