Tension in Saadnayel: a major problem between the army and the people (video)


The Saadnayel region witnessed a problem between the residents and members of the Lebanese army, in protest of the governor’s decision to open the roads and not to examine any person entering Saadnayel.

For his part, the Governor of the Bekaa District, Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, denied to the “National Information Agency” that “he had issued any decision on this matter,” stressing that “he has nothing to do with the subject of the forms.”

For his part, the mayor of Saadnayel Hussein Al-Shobassi issued a statement about what happened in the town, saying that “young people blocked several roads in Saadnayel, and these roads were the municipality had taken a decision to establish control points on it, and when the members of the municipality came to establish a monitoring point, a group of young men attacked them Then the army and the security forces intervened and separated the two sides, “stressing that” Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, the governor of the Bekaa Valley, has no relation to the matter, knowing that the governor’s directives require that there be no problems with the control points. “


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