Tension escalates between Yasmine Abdel Aziz, her brother, and the latter announces a sudden decision-video


Tension escalated between the Egyptian actressYasmin Abdel AzizAnd her brother Wael, after the latter’s attack on the Egyptian actorAhmed Al-AwadiBecause of his opposition to his sister’s relationship with him, as Yasmine deleted her brother from her personal page on one of the social media sites in addition to the photos that they shared, so he replied, canceling her follow-up, while re-following the Egyptian actressReham HajjajAfter he canceled her follow-up due to her marriage to Muhammad Halawa Talaq Yasmin.
After that, Wael surprised the followers through his special page by publishing a video in which he appeared apologizing to his sister Yasmine, saying to her: “Take me as a whole life.”
Wael said that he does not seek fame or money, denying that Yasmine had spent on him and his son, noting that he did not get one pound of it from him except that he later learned that she had paid his son only for study banks.
He added that he had received many TV shows to talk about the subject, but he refused due to privacy, and that he had been with Yasmine since he was 15 years old.
And about her marriage, he said that he would not oppose her on condition that she improved the choice, explaining that he was against her actions after her divorce from Halawa, and he said: “At the beginning of the differences that were due to the photos that were published on the social media accompanied by Ahmed Al-Awadi on the occasion of her birthday and alerted her to my refusal of what happened and rejected This behavior and not accepting the behavior, but she rejected the advice and that she is free, mature and responsible for her actions. “
He concluded by saying: “Jasmine, my love, may God grant you success and success in your life, may I speak in an annoying way, I am sorry, I wanted to know the nature of this relationship, but I was seeing you under our Lord above, but from today, you consider me the righteousness of your life completely and I do not want you to be free in your life And your future, because I am unable to live other wars, I am tired, may God grant you success. ”


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