Tell me: Maggie Bou Ghosn: God is the protector


Tell me – Lebanese star Maggie Bou Ghosn published a video of her on her way from Beirut airport to Dubai, wearing a “muzzle” to prevent Corona virus and commented, “I felt that the airport was empty as if I had reserved it for me, of course the prevention is necessary, and I took my caution and used all means of protection.” .

Maggie hoped that happy news would soon be heard about patients recovering from this virus.

Maggie, on her way to Dubai to participate in the “Echo of Playgrounds” episode, which she will collect tomorrow, by artist Nassif Zaitoun, confirmed that she “has to travel, even though sitting at home is better, but God is the protector.”

Maggie appeared on another side of the video as she sterilized her personal needs, and how she cleaned the seat she sat in the plane.

Maggie revealed through her official account on “Twitter” the shape of the character that she will play in the series “Sons of Adam” for the season of Ramadan 2020 drama, written by Rami Koussa, directed by Laith Hajo, and produced by “Eagle Films”.

Maggie has formed a “Judge Dima” personality with “Ghassan”, whose role is Syrian actor Maxim Khalil, while Lebanese actress Daniela Rahma shares, through her performance of “Maya”, another bilateral with Syrian actor Qais Sheikh Najib as “Saad”, where the events of the series ” The Children of Adam “about these two dualities,” which “intersect in a joint event, whose repercussions are reflected in the fate of the four personalities, and the work events are moving forward in an interesting way.”


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