Technology today – steps to turn your iPhone or Android phone into an ideal device for remote work


Today’s news Today’s technology – Steps to convert an “iPhone” or “Android” phone to an ideal device for remote work Source of the news – Arabs today with news details Steps to convert an “iPhone” or “Android” phone to an ideal device for remote work:

Today’s news – If you are one of the millions of people who work from home for the first time, you will learn below how to convert your phone from a time-consuming device to a highly productive tool. In normal days, people put their phones in a pocket or bag during working time, but today, it is possible This device will turn into a pivot piece to handle task flow if you take the right steps, according to PC World experts.

– Initial advice

> Set up reminder notifications. At home, people tend not to feel time, and here, you can use the help of Siri and Google Assistant.

Make a list of the breaks you need and ask the digital assistant on your phone to remind you of them every day with phrases like “Hello Siri” or “Okay, Google,” remind me to have lunch at 3 pm, for example, or something else.

> Maintaining eyes activity. During the day, you can turn on the dark mode and automatic brightness to obtain comfortable lighting degrees on the device screen.

After several hours of work, they used the night mode to filter the blue light and relieve the stress on the eyes.

You can find these options in the display settings of the phone.

> Stop staring at a small screen. If you are tired of continuous printing on the small screen, you can display the content of your phone screen on the TV or computer by “mirroring” (as the mirror) the contents on them, using “Airplay”.

If you are an iPhone user, you can view the content of your phone on TV through the Air Play app as well. But it must be noted that the “mirror” technology has proven to be the best solution to only watch streaming video content, given that it only displays the image on your phone screen.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 and later user, you will find great options.

Samsung provides its users with a desktop solution called “DeX” that allows you to connect your phone to a screen via wire that converts the “USB – C to a high-definition multimedia interface” so that you can work as if you are using a computer.

Once connected, you will get a complete desktop environment.

And do not worry because your work will be automatically saved on the phone as soon as it is disconnected from the screen. This feature also allows you to use your phone as a tracking platform if you wish.

– Wireless charging and bluetooth

> Use a wireless charging platform. Most phones released in the last two years have built-in wireless charging technology, meaning you often have a special wireless charging platform at your desk. But what you really need while working from home is a wireless charging pad.

This way, you will be able to see incoming notifications, receive calls, participate in pictorials, and anything else you want on the screen without taking off the phone.

> Keep the phone clean.

You must have read many articles about the extent of pollution of phones, and this is the truth. Beyond the epidemic in the world today, keeping the phone clean is a necessity at all times, especially since the effects of the fingers on the screen will make it difficult for you to read.

> Use a digital pen.

The best way to keep your phone clean after polishing is to not touch it, of course. So, you can use a digital pen.

In case you are using Samsung Galaxy Note devices, you will benefit from the built-in stylus, or you can purchase any other stylus available in the market to replace your fingers with a tap and drag.

> Block time-consuming apps. A mobile phone is a great productivity tool at home, but it also can waste a lot of your time.

So, if you want some help getting away from Twitter, Facebook and Candy Crush, you will find it on your phone.

On iPhones running iOS 12 and Android devices running version 9 and later, you can find Screen Time and Digital Welling features in the settings.

On these two features, you will find a set of buttons and digital options that will allow you to specify the times of use or prevent access to specific applications that will take you away from you.

In other words, when you go to have fun with another round of your favorite game, pending the time of your next phone call, the phone will not allow you to.

> Bluetooth headsets. The phone remains an essential need while you work, even if you use the computer all the time, especially for tasks that depend on communications.

In general, you can buy any type of headphones because most of them work with “iPhone” and “Android” devices (and even “Earbud” headphones) even though running some of the features available in them depends on the type of phone.

> Monitor data.

Since you will spend more time at home during this period, there is no doubt that you will need more personal data.

For this reason, you should monitor the amount of data you use in your account.

Running video streaming services and downloading files consumes a lot of data, which will cause you to purchase more of them and increase the cost.

Therefore, it is imperative that you organize your data plan carefully and appropriately with your work.

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