Technology mitigates isolation from the emerging coronavirus


Technology is often accused of offending fraternity and direct communication, but it may be able to polish its image thanks to the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus and Quarantine, due to its remote activities and “meetings”.Thanks to technological developments, isolation measures, especially in large cities and affordable families, have become easy and comfortable, with the possibility of working from home and obtaining a medical diagnosis remotely, and exercising through applications or devices connected and the means of entertainment broadcast.

“Paradoxically, a lot of technologies, often subject to intense criticism, have become a haven in which we feel safe in the time of the emerging Corona virus,” says Patrick Moorehead, analyst at More Insights and Strategy.

In China, South Korea, and other countries, cloud-based services are skyrocketing.

While the financial markets recorded a significant decline, “Zoom’s share price increased by 40% in February, thanks to the great demand for teleworking technology,” notes Maurice Gerard, an analyst at Futuresource, adding that the company specialized in meetings Throughout the video, I witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of users in a short period of time.

On the west coast of the United States, several large groups, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, recommend their employees work from home, especially in the Seattle area, the center of the spread of Covid-19 virus in the United States.In this context, the importance of the means of communication intended for company employees, such as “Slake” and “Workplace” (Facebook). The companies, especially the emerging, were resorting to working from home in their infancy, to save the cost of rents and equipment.

“These tools allow you to communicate with colleagues and talk to colleagues, as is often the case at the company at the automatic coffee distributor, and also to exchange information about the projects being worked on that also include customers,” explains David Becherry, director of “Vapernoffle Consulting” in the United States.

Thanks to strong internet lines, technical obstacles to video conferencing of 10 or 20 people were removed.

In San Francisco, some schools have informed pupils that they may offer some classes remotely, in the event that they are forced to close. Stanford University announced that its lessons for the rest of the winter season will be carried out online from now on.

Virtual reality companies want to go further while professional exhibits are canceled or replaced by digital conferences. The Taiwanese company, HTC, announced on Friday that participants in its conference on its brand of virtual reality “FIVE” will be able to participate in it thanks to helmets through virtual immersion.

However, expensive virtual reality technology will not invade all homes, but “employees and consumers will be more in touch with these emerging technologies,” says Morris Gerard. Use cases caused by the spread of Covid-19 may increase investments in this sector.

Streaming music, movies, games, and social networks are also receiving renewed demand. “I was more happy than ever with the augmented reality options on my phone,” said Don Rose Kern, a dance teacher who isolated her at her home in San Francisco because of the flu symptoms. My Instagram feature was excellent to keep me from thinking about the fever that struck me and to stay Get in touch “with others.In China, hundreds of people unable to leave their homes simultaneously photographed themselves for evening parties or virtual dance classes. “Live sport sessions on the screen may become very popular,” says Lauren Ryan, an analyst at Mintel. “Clubs may resort to broadcasting their shares.”

Several experts expect a good performance of sports equipment, such as “Bolton” with its bicycles for internal training connected to the Internet to assist in exercises concurrently or upon request.

In the area of ​​e-commerce, James Manning Smith of Futuresource says, “The Chinese website,, has employed an additional 20,000 people. But it is hard to say whether this sector will benefit from the current situation in the long term. However, people may get used to operations Home delivery. ”

David Bachiri believes that the technologies that allow the continuation of social ties will emerge reinforced from this crisis “because man remains a social entity with distinction and is not ready to live in isolation from others.”



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