TCL reveals two new model phones, one foldable and the other twistable


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TCL OLED Foldable

In a world where the shape of smartphones has become so unpredictable, TCL continues to try to reinvent the look of our mobile devices. The Chinese company has just introduced two new model phones with flexible screens, one of which is foldable, and the other has a screen that wraps around it. The screens used on these two phones were developed by TCL-CSOT, the division responsible for developing screens at TCL. This flexible AMOLED technology allows TCL to convert a 10-inch tablet into a 6.65-inch smartphone with a resolution of 3K.

TCL has developed two different hinges, one called DragonHinge, the other one is called ButterflyHinge, and for the first hinge it folds the screen inwards like the Galaxy Fold, while the second hinge folds the screen outward like the Huawei Mate X.

The second model phone is the one with the most daring design, as it expands sideways and the screen comes out from both sides of the phone’s body. In this way the size of the rollable AMOLED screen grows from 6.75 inches to 7.8 inches, but this is done with the press of a button because this mechanism is designed to operate automatically, and the typical phone at the present time does not allow manual payment.

When the shape changes, the user interface also adapts to the big screen, providing additional features such as split screen for multitasking. Thanks to the different screen level technology, there are no wrinkles in the OLED displays used as in the current foldable phones.

TCL has not released any information about pricing or availability yet. However, we expect that the Chinese company will disclose this information to us when the time for launching these phones nears.

Fatima Ait Talib


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