tayyar.org – Corona “savages” in New York


On Tuesday night, the White House demanded that everyone who left New York City in the past few days must put himself in isolation for 14 days.

The White House confirmed that 370,000 medical examinations of the Corona virus have been conducted so far.

For his part, the Mayor of New York, Bill de Palacio, said that the number of infected cases reached 14,776 cases of coronavirus in the city and the number of new deaths was 131 people.

Earlier, New York State Governor Andrew Como, the epicenter of the emerging corona virus in the United States, announced that the state was “doubling the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 every 3 days.”

The governor said that experts who study the evolution of the virus “now see that the rate of new infections doubles every three days. It is a significant increase in cases.”

In New York State, more than 25,000 cases, 10 times more than confirmed cases, are in California, the second worst affected state.

He added that this high rate of spread means that the virus may peak “within 14 to 21 days,” which makes obtaining medical equipment urgent, starting with the respirators that New York has been asking the federal government to secure for days.

This state, which is 20 million people, has so far secured 10,000 respirators and believes it needs at least 30,000 more to cope with the number of people expected to flow into hospitals.

It also reduced the number of extra beds to 140,000, while it is supposed to become the first emergency hospital to be established in Manhattan, in practice within 8 days.

The New York governor announced that the state would begin testing several treatment methods, and officials from the Federal Medicines Agency arrived in New York to test a combination of one drug for malaria and one for bronchitis.

And the federal government announced that these drugs are promising to combat this epidemic, even if their effectiveness has not been proven.

New York will begin taking plasma samples of the recovering patients to inject them into critically ill patients, hoping to benefit from the antibodies.

Medical teams in New York are also working to “develop” a test that will allow the detection of anti-epidemic drugs.

The governor added that the test is “simple” and allows monitoring of people who have become immune to the virus less for a specific period of time and allowing them to “resume work.”

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