Tamer Hosni shares this advice with his fans


The artist Tamer Hosni, his fans and followers of his official page on Facebook, shared a piece of advice, asking his children to implement it every morning.

He continued, “Good morning to all my followers and non-followers, with your thoughts, as some think of my children every day, please, every little drink warm water or drinks or a cup of water with a little lemon squeeze,

They are all sweet, make it a habit, and fix it.

“Every bit, we drink makulish water, a barrel of water by saying a bit of water, and we think about every day, God willing, the first thing that we wake up and before we sleep is necessary and the life of your loved ones. I sold it to some every day at any time, not to have any appointments to protect God. ”

It is worth noting that Tamer Hosni announced his participation in the campaign to challenge the benevolence, and sponsor 400 families who are unable to help them stay at home to prevent corona virus.


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