Tamer Hosni expresses his dissatisfaction with the disdain of young people with the Corona virus


Cairo – Iraq today

The Egyptian artist expressed Tamer Hosny, He expressed his dissatisfaction and shock at some of the youth’s actions disguised as a crisis Corona Virus The novelist, by narrating a situation he saw and provoked his anger. Tamer Hosni said in a post on Facebook: “I saw the position of my feet, shocked me, I am not able to tell me, I saw one saying to its owner: Yad Shell, the catcher and a man,” criticizing what he saw saying: “Okay, because The point of view of your presence, causing death and death, and harm everyone around it.

Hosni added: “Because of this we all have to talk a lot with all people, and if we go down to the utmost necessity because of the nature of the work of the people who are on the day, we will adhere to the full instructions of prevention … Please talk a lot with people because of my quality, no one is not feeling dangerous, and that we sit at home 14 days from In order to control the spread of the virus, and turn into a pandemic, “he said, stressing that China triumphed over the epidemic when its citizens committed themselves and never took to the streets.

The artist did not lose sight of the workers who work daily and cannot obtain funds under these circumstances, as he said: “If there are workers working on a daily basis, it is necessary to communicate to them their daily diaries with them from the door of mercy so that our Lord will have mercy on me and I started myself and worked hard and more From this. ”

And he continued his speech: “Oh, this group, God willing, a test from our Lord, and we will succeed in it if we deal with it right and with utmost mercy, and fatigue is possible for any one of us, and he will be afraid, God willing, as thousands of people have feared, and feared of diseases more than a million times, and this is not the first epidemic.” My world passes on people and others passed more than it. ”

He concluded his speech by calling for drawing closer to God and inviting him to hide the epidemic from the people.

It is reported that Tamer Hosni, he had denied some news reports about his having had a new operation in his vocal cords, after the pain that he had experienced in the past year and had undergone surgery and recovery, expressing his anger at the strange rumors spread on the social media .

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