Suspension of permits and programs for vehicles during the sterilization period


In response to the commitment of the generous public and its adherence to precautionary measures related to restricting traffic and the movement of the public, the Ministry of Interior decided to suspend all permits, programs and applications for vehicles, including the service of federal movement permits “roam” at the federal and local levels.
This decision comes within the framework of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to review, evaluate and update preventive and precautionary measures to meet the challenge of the Corona Virus (COFED-19) in a manner that achieves the public interest, in coordination with all relevant authorities.
The Ministry calls upon the generous public to remain in their homes throughout the sterilization program, and not to go out except to purchase food and drug needs or for health necessity, or to work in vital sector categories that include: energy, communications, health, education, security, police, military, post, shipping, and medicines , Water and food, civil aviation, airports, passports, financial and banking, government media, and services that include gas stations and construction projects, by checking business or identity cards. Wam


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