Suspending entry and exit from Qatif … and stopping government departments and private institutions – Saudi Arabia News


An official source in the Ministry of Interior stated that, according to the precautionary health measures recommended by the competent health authorities, and given that all (11) registered positive cases of the new corona virus (covid19) are from the Qatif governorate, and that the internationally established practices to prevent the spread of The virus requires dealing at the geographical level in which there are cases of infection, and the need to take all recommended preventive health measures to prevent the spread of the virus, God willing, it was decided the following:

1- Temporarily suspending entry and exit from Qatif Governorate (from Saihat in the south to Safwa in the north).

2- To enable the returning residents of the governorate to reach their homes.

3- Stopping work in all government departments and private institutions, an increase in precautionary measures to prevent the possibility of transmission of infection, with the exception of the basic facilities to provide security, supply and necessary services, such as pharmacies, supply stores, fuel stations, health, environmental, municipal and security facilities, while taking the necessary health precautions.

4- Enabling commercial and catering transport to move to and from the governorate, taking the necessary health precautions.

Anyone affected by this procedure will be granted a health license issued electronically and approved by the Ministry of Health.

The source emphasized that the continued cooperation of all citizens in implementing the precautionary measures will have the greatest impact on the success of the measures taken, and enabling the competent health authorities to provide the best medical care, to prevent the spread of the virus and eliminate it, to ensure the safety of all.


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