Surprise Will FIFA “demote” the victory to the first degree


Journalist Saleh Al-Huwairini detonated a surprise The heavy caliber, by announcing the victory of the first football team at Al-Nasr Club, from landing to First division, beginning of the current sports season.

Al-Nasr won the title of the most expensive edition in the history of the Saudi Professional League in the 2018-2019 season, after a fierce struggle that continued with the Al-Hilal rivals, until the last round.

Al-Huwairini said in a newspaper article that he is In the last sports season, the Victory Department changed the head of the English Referees Committee, Mark Clattenberg, with a space confession from the then club president Saud Al-Suwailem.

The press author pointed out that Al-Suwailem’s confession is an explicit violation of the “FIFA” laws and regulations, and if the system was implemented, the league championship would be withdrawn from victory, and given to Al-Hilal, with the world being relegated to the lower class “First Division League”.

Al-Huwairini’s article comes in light of the controversy over the introduction of Al-Nasr club by a new letter to the Football Association, a few days ago, in which he requests the dismissal of Spain’s Trisako, the current president of the Referees Committee.

So, is victory really worth descending to the first degree??

Perhaps the answer to this question comes in two basic aspects, both in terms of the Saudi Football Association regulations, and the second related to integrity.

* First: Football Association Regulations

Ayman Al-Rifai, the former head of the Disciplinary Committee of the Saudi Football Association, revealed, a few days ago, that the regulations of the Saudi Federation give clubs the right to demand the dismissal of the president of the Referees Committee.

Al-Rifai indicated that, accordingly, he requested victory, by removing the president of the referees committee, earlier and current, but it is considered incomplete, because he had to submit to the Football Association a collective request with a certain number of members of the General Assembly.

There is also another clause, which absolves victory, from the charge of being involved in the sacking of Klattenberg last season, which is the statement of Luay Al-Subaie, the former president of the Football Association, in which he said that the departure of the English referee, came because of the expiration of his contract, and not because of pressure from the Al-Swailem family.

* Second: Manipulate the results

After all of the foregoing, the only solution for the victory to the lowest level remains to prove its manipulation in the results of its matches, which affected the progress of the championship, last season.

If it is proven by the evidence, that the Chairman of the Referees Committee, who came as an alternative to Clattenberg, helped manipulate the results in the interest of victory, then it is possible to take measures that may reach the level of “criminal”.

For example, what happened in Italy in 2006, when Juventus was proved to have tampered with the results of the matches, and the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 tournaments were withdrawn from it, a decision was issued to demote him to the lower stairs, and he was imprisoned after his officials.


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