Super Koura .. a regulations expert reveals the possibility to clinch the champion or determine the descending event in the event of canceling the league


Mohamed Fadlallah, expert on sports regulations and laws and a professor of international law, revealed the position of defining the league champion and the descending teams of the second section if the sports activity continues to be suspended and frozen due to the Corona virus.

To learn about the possibility of resolving the champion or determining the bearish event of canceling the league, click here

In a related context, Fadlallah emphasized that it is not the right of the Olympic Committee or any other party to postpone the elections of sports federations because their date is determined by a definite text in the laws and regulations.

The head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee had hinted at the existence of a proposal to postpone the elections after the decision of the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Tokyo Olympics for a year due to the spread of the Corona virus.

It is worth noting that a number of football experts agreed on the necessity of canceling the Premier League this season in order to preserve the safety of the players except Ahmed Bilal, the Al-Ahly star, who believes that it is possible to exhaust the activity after the end of the dangerous stage of the spread of the Corona virus.

Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, the former star of Zamalek and the current technical director of the Talaea El-Jaish club, called for the necessity of canceling the current season, and preparing for the new season in order to preserve the safety of players and citizens from the Corona virus. That the spirit of the offended and citizens is more important than the football and the league.


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