Summoning and quarantining officers .. New details about the injury of a major in the army to “Corona”


“Lebanon 24” learned that “the pioneer in the Lebanese army and M., head of the third division in the operations room of the second land border regiment stationed in Ras Baalbek, resides in the homes of officers in the city of Sidon, and yesterday he attended his barracks and felt tired and hot.”

The information stated that “the major was transferred at night to an ambulance to Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut, and it was found that he was infected with the Corona virus.”

Immediately, the Army Command ordered the summons of all officers of the regiment, the ranks, and the individuals the Major met during his arrival to the regiment, and asked them to quarantine their offices in the headquarters, and they were subject to the established procedures, and their families were asked to take precaution and monitor their health status.

The Directorate of Orientation in the Lebanese Army published through its account on “Twitter”, confirming that “an officer from the 2nd Land Border Regiment was infected with the Corona virus while he was under treatment and the necessary and necessary preventive measures were taken, and the regiment continues to perform the tasks assigned to it.”

Special Lebanon 24


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