Sudan empty the university’s decision regarding the Renaissance Dam from its content


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry responded to the statement of its Sudanese counterpart regarding the Renaissance Dam.

Counselor Ahmed Hafez, Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, expressed his regret for what was stated in the statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday regarding Sudan’s reservation to the Arab decision on the Renaissance Dam, where Hafez confirmed that Egypt had provided the permanent delegate to Sudan with the League of Arab States with the draft since the first day From March, she received confirmation of the receipt of the text.

AlNahda dam
AlNahda dam

He stated that the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was keen during the following days to continue to communicate with the Sudanese side to receive any comments, which was not received.

The official spokesman added that the Egyptian delegation had responded to Sudan’s request to remove its name from the draft resolution, but the subsequent amendments proposed by Sudan came to empty the text of its content and weaken the effect of the decision, noting that the decision issued by the Arab Ministerial Meeting included only solidarity with Egypt’s rights Waterfalls and the affirmation of the rules of international law and the call to sign the prepared agreement.

The Egyptian Middle East News Agency reported last Thursday that Sudan had reservations about a draft resolution of the Arab Foreign Ministers Council affirming the solidarity of the Arab League with the position of Egypt and Sudan regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as the two downstream countries.
Sources told the agency that during the meeting of the Ministerial Council of the League of Arab States on Wednesday, Egypt presented a draft resolution issued by the Arab League expressing solidarity with Egypt and Sudan in the file of the Renaissance Dam to take into account the interests of the downstream countries, and the Sudanese side was informed in advance of the draft decision to consult on it while emphasizing that such a decision The position of the downstream states supports Egypt and Sudan and reflects Arab support for Egypt and Sudan’s water rights.

The sources emphasized that during the deliberations in the League of Arab States, and despite the emergence of expanded Arab momentum and support from all Arab parties to the draft resolution, the Sudanese side did not express any enthusiasm for it, but rather requested that the name of Sudan not be included in the decision.

She said that the Sudanese side said that the decision is not in its interest and the Arab League should not be involved in this file, and expressed its fear of the Arab-Ethiopian confrontation that might result from this decision.

According to the sources, most Arab delegations stated that the support of Egypt and Sudan by the Arab states is not aimed at confronting other parties, but rather is a duty that must be undertaken in connection with a file that threatens Arab national security in its entirety.

The sources pointed out that the Arab delegations were surprised that Sudan maintained its conservative position even after the name of Sudan was deleted from the draft resolution, and the draft resolution was limited to protecting the water interests of Egypt, adding that the Sudanese side sought to empty the draft of its content, while the other Arab parties paid the feasibility and importance of this decision . At the end of the session, Egypt succeeded in adopting the draft resolution without amendment, with Sudan officially recording its reservation.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, had announced that the Arab League Council at the ministerial level approved an important decision submitted by Egypt regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, affirming Egypt’s historical rights to the Nile waters and rejects Any Ethiopian unilateral actions.

Aboul Gheit said in a press conference held last Wednesday evening, at the end of the 153rd session of the Arab League Council with Yusef bin Alawi, the minister responsible for foreign affairs in the Sultanate of Oman, the president of the session that the decision rejects any prejudice to the historical rights of Egypt, and rejects any unilateral measures in which Ethiopia continues, and stresses the necessity Ethiopia’s commitment to the principles of international law, welcomes the agreement to fill the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam prepared by the US administration, and affirms that the draft agreement proposed by the United States and the World Bank is fair and balanced and meets the interests of the three countries.


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