Sudan coach shouts an alarm about Corona virus


The French coach, Hubert Flood, expressed his concern about what the Arab country could go through in the event of an outbreak of the Corona virus, in light of everyone neglecting there safety guidelines and their lack of interest in preventive measures.

Failoud stressed that the Sudanese Federation officials do not care about the danger that could have been attached to the players in light of the continuity of the canceled team camp.

“Nothing has changed, in a few days, we were due to face the Ghana national team, but with the outbreak of the Coruna virus, the Confederation of African Football recently decided to postpone the matches of the third and fourth rounds of the qualifiers for the finals,” Villoud said in comments to the French newspaper, Sports Orange. CAF 2021 “.

Filoud added: “My team and I did not agree with the continuation of the camp, but the Sudanese Football Association officials insisted that there were no problems hindering the continuation of the camp. At the time when two positive cases of Corona virus and one death in Sudan were recorded.”

The Sudanese Federation asked Flood to continue training until March 31, but he refused, and decided to return to Paris, taking advantage of the Sudanese authorities to open airspace to evacuate and leave the stranded.

“I do not want to be the coach who insists on continuing training and putting the lives of my players at risk,” he said. “During the camp, no player saluted except by gestures or waving from far away, and even local journalists greeted them from a distance. I was as careful as possible. And, keen to set a distance between me and everyone who stands next to me every time, but when I tell the Sudanese players and journalists about what is happening in France, they do not believe me, they do not realize the seriousness of the situation. “

“When I read a report in the World Health Organization warning the African continent of the need to wake up and prepare for the worst in the face of the spread of the epidemic, I said to myself exactly that! When the epidemic arrives here it will cause great panic.”

“I am worried about the players. The situation in the camp may be safer for them. The danger to them will be greater when they return to their families. What matters most to me is their health, because I do not know when I will return,” he concluded.


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