Streda Geagea to Diab: Let apples be among the rations distributed to families


Representative Strida Geagea called Prime Minister Hassan Diab, and she hoped that “apples will be among the fruits provided in the food rations for families, in order to encourage Lebanese agriculture and help farmers.””After the statement made by Prime Minister Hassan Diab after his visit to the Rafic Hariri Hospital on Friday, during which he said that more than 600,000 rations of food will be distributed to families, Deputy Geagea learned that these food rations It can also include fruits, so I immediately contacted the Prime Minister and hoped that apples would be among the fruits provided in the food ration, to be purchased from the North Governorate (Bushra and Batroun), Mount Lebanon Governorate (Jbeil, Kesrouan and Matn), Governorate Baalbek Hermel (high of Deir al-Ahmar), from In order to encourage Lebanese agriculture and help farms in the difficult circumstances the country is going through. ”

He said: “For his part, the prime minister replied that the issue is still being studied and the final decision has not yet been taken as to whether food rations will be provided in kind or will be replaced by material assistance. However, if it is relied upon to distribute in-kind food rations, it is certain that they It will include rice, grains and fruit, and the issue of buying apples from the regions proposed by MP Geagea will be taken into consideration because of its benefit in moving the economic cycle out of these areas. He also pointed out that the submitted shares will inevitably be composed of Lebanese products to encourage industry and agriculture. ”


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