Stone days are deducted from annual holidays!


Major companies that had not been affected by the impact of the financial crisis, entered their business in a coma with the start of the implementation of the decision of public mobilization. The most prominent of these are the Middle East Airlines and the Libyan Post. The decision of general mobilization exempted them from closure, except that stopping the air traffic reduced their operations significantly. As a result, Middle East Airlines reduced the attendance of employees by 75 percent, as work is currently limited to public administration, and the operation of cargo flights, while the company’s offices are completely closed. The company’s chairman, Mohamed Al-Hout, denies that it has abandoned, or will give up, any of its employees. He says that these partners are partners in the achievements of the company over many years, which resulted in profits amounting to 1.2 billion dollars, and therefore “we will not abandon them today, whatever the losses achieved during this crisis.”It is true that the employees who are not currently working did not reach any reduction in salaries, but this did not prevent the administration from deducting the home quarantine days from their annual leave. This is a measure that undoubtedly violates the labor law, but it appears that employees and management have agreed on it, on the basis that the continuity of the company and the jobs in this crisis is the ultimate goal. The measure approved by Middle East Airlines is also implemented by the “Libyan Post”. Home quarantine days are deducted from annual leave, and even if the days due to the employee are over, vacation days from the following year will be deducted. The company’s board chairman, Khalil Dawud, says that this measure was taken on an urgent basis, on the basis that the priority remains to maintain salaries. Dawood denies the existence of any plans to dispense with the services of employees, stating that the company has taken preventive measures that do not affect the service obligated to provide according to the contract signed with the state. Of the 1,050 employees, it reduced the number of employees to just 380. It also closed 75 post offices, maintaining 25 centers, which are the main centers that cover all governorates, in addition to the centers located in supermarkets. As for the current works, they are limited to distributing the mail that arrived before Wednesday (the day the airport is closed to passenger traffic), in addition to delivering the parcels that come to Lebanon via cargo planes.
Among the working employees are those who complain of weak protection measures in open centers, but Dawad confirms that the company periodically sterilizes the centers and provides protection for workers. David realizes that these measures may not be sufficient to remove the risk completely from workers, as do all those who provide public services, but he says that the procedures followed are reviewed periodically in the administration, as a meeting is held every two days to assess the situation on the ground, and to take a decision to reduce the number of employees or replace them.


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