“Stay home,” Corona is no longer a joke


Beirut_Ali Hallal | Monday 30-03-2020

In a rare appearance, Sophie starred daughter Diana Haddad with her in a video with her mother, inviting everyone to stay home during the prevention of the Corona virus.
Diana shared the video through her accounts on social media during the period of house quarantine imposed in most of the Arab countries and commented on him, “I and Sufi tell you to leave the house because of yourselves and because you love them … and God preserves everyone.”

Sophie started the video with the word “StayHome”, and then followed Diana pending, “For the sake of your families and your children, please stay at home. The topic of” Corona “is no longer a joke, and let’s take it seriously without being recklessly for the sake of the public interest and society.”
“We are committed to staying at home, reading books, learning to cook, and spending time with the sweet,” she added.
Diana had posted a video through her Twitter account showing a scene of nature and birds singing and commented on it, saying, “Nature breathes”, in a reference from it, that “nature is now relaxed from the hands of people who killed it and killed its beauty and luster.”

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