Special National Bank President: 4.5 billion pounds, the proceeds of selling the certificates of 15%


The interest rate on the certificate is 15% annually, the return is spent monthly, and the period is calculated from the business day following the purchase, and the categories of the certificate start from 1000 Egyptian pounds, and its multiples.

The certificate is issued to natural or minor individuals, and it is possible to borrow with the guarantee of the certificate, as well as the ability to issue credit cards with a certificate guarantee.

Today’s news portal It explains to its readers how to purchase the “Platinum Certificate” at 15% interest from the National Bank of Egypt?

For bank customers and non-bank customers, the certificate can be purchased through one of these methods, which is by calling the call center 19623.

For bank customers and non-bank customers, you can also purchase the new Platinum Certificate through the Al Ahly Net banking internet. To enter the online bank Al Ahly Net:

https://www.alahlynet.com.eg/B001 / banking.jsp.

And for the bank’s current clients ..

The new Platinum Certificate can be purchased through the NBE Mobile App. Download the application

Google Play Store: http://tiny.cc/NBEMobile AppStore: http: //tiny.cc/NBEMobileiOS


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