Spanish plan to resume the league – day


The international media are still expecting the date and method of resuming the five major European championships, given that they are currently stalled due to the spread of the # Corona virus, especially in Italy and Spain.

The newspaper website mentioned “Mundo Deportivo“The Spanish are expected to return to La Liga on April 16th, after Spain announced that it will apply the same control method that China has implemented to fight this global epidemic.”

The European leagues seek to end the season as quickly as possible, but that will clash with the Champions League and European League competitions.

The site added that the teams may have to play a game every 48 hours, in order to end the season before June 30, provided that the Champions League confrontations (which returns on May 23 and May 24 according to the newspaper) will be played on Saturday, as the clubs participating in the two European competitions play their matches On Monday, this is considered distinctive for the Asian market.

He stressed that most clubs want to resume the league, given that there are more than 500 million euros remaining from TV broadcasting contracts.

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