Souad Hosni did not commit suicide The Phalanges


Years after her death, Cinderella Souad Hosni is still the art of modern art. In this context, the able actor Hussein Fahmy announced that Cinderella did not commit suicide as was rumored.

The able actor Hussein Fahmy revealed that Cinderella’s screen, Souad Hosni, did not commit suicide, and he had evidence of that. He said: “Souad Hosni did not commit suicide, but she was killed, and I have evidence of that. So I broadcasted what could be done according to the festival time, so she was extremely optimistic, and she was talking about a new work that brings us together and is comic, and she said to me (Gaya Egypt is close, and it is not logical for one to commit suicide).
He added: “It was through a call three days before the incident, and she said to me that I was discharged from the hospital and withdrew my money from the bank 100 thousand pounds sterling, and a rule with one of my friends and then it turned out that she was neither her owner nor the need that is Nadia Yousry.”
Fahmy continued: “When the accident occurred, I talked to my friends’ doctors, and they told me (who commits suicide, he cannot be more than a meter and a half away from the building, and she was five meters away. Secondly, the suicidal person will be in the blood of the corpse where the fall fell, and of course there was no Blood in the case of Souad, and then the balcony grid cut with scissors, which means that he will commit suicide, and he will be sheared with scissors, then if Souad was taking sedative pills, if she wanted to commit suicide, I would have taken pills and salvation. .



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