Soon in the market .. easy test to detect corona infection in 45 minutes


The French laboratory, “Beaumirio”, has revealed that it has exceptionally obtained the right to put on the American market a new rapid test for the detection of Covid-19 virus throughout the period of the health crisis resulting from the epidemic.The new test, called “BioFair Covid-19”, reveals the new Corona virus within 45 minutes “of a smear from the nasopharynx,” according to a press release issued by the French group.

She explained that the test is easy to use and was developed with the support of the US Department of Defense, which will receive the first quantity of it, after which it becomes available on the American market, and then in the international market “when the regulatory authorities permit this.”The company notes that this marketing permit in the United States is temporary, as it was granted in accordance with emergency procedures.

It added that it is increasing its production capacity in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the western United States, in order to reach a “maximum” production capacity of test boxes “within a few weeks.”

This is the second Covid-19 virus test kit developed by the “BioMerio” group. The efficacy of the SARS Cov-2 R-Gene test “in real time” in France was verified by the National Respiratory Virus Reference Center, which praised it.A test produced in France should soon obtain a permit to market in the European Union.


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