Soon Corona tests will be performed “on a large scale”


Source: Washington – Reuters

US President Donald Trump said Friday morning that corona virus testing in the United States will be conducted on a large scale soon, but he gave no details on how this might be achieved.

“We have made the changes, and the examination will soon be done on a very large scale,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We have removed all routine complications and are ready to go.”

Trump criticized the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the most important US institutions in controlling the virus, for using a testing system that he said would always be “inaccurate and slow to deal with a large pandemic.”

Trump did not mention the reason for the inaccuracy of the examination system, but Anthony Fuchi, the most important American official in combating infectious diseases, said on Thursday that people could not easily undergo the examination, and that the American examination system “is not completely consistent with what we need now.”

From America
From America

US officials and legislators find it difficult to investigate the number of people who have contracted the virus in the country, which they attribute to the low rates of screening.


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