Sony unveils new PlayStation 5 features


Sony’s chief engineer has announced the PlayStation 5 specifications that will be launched in 2020, where it will offer huge improvements, which will change both the way in which games are played and designed.

Sony talked in a presentation on its official YouTube channel about the features of PlayStation 5 and the differences from its predecessors from older models, as the development included the following aspects.

§ GPU 13.3TF – Custom RDNA 2 GPU at 1.7GHz with 60 account units.

§ AMD Zen2 processor, 3.7 GHz.

§ 16GB GDDR6 + 4GB DDR4 RAM.

§ 5.5 GB SSD “SSD” with 1 TB capacity.

§ Nucleus for custom ray tracing and 3D sound.

§ “565 GB” bandwidth.

§ “825 GB” and “Blu-ray” 4K UHD drive.

§ Full digital compatibility with all PlayStation game engines and portable devices in a library containing thousands of games from day one.

§ Improved Dual Shock 5 joystick with touch-sensitive buttons, heart rate monitor and integrated microphone.

§ The PlayStation AI which allows you to change games and other tasks with voice commands.

According to Mark Zerney, the chief engineer on the PlayStation project, thanks to the SSD, the console can download gigabytes of data in a quarter of a second.

The console supports backward compatibility mode, which means that most games will be able to run on them for previous generations of “PlayStation”.


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