Sonny Saad joins the South Korean person


Lebanese international Hassan “Sony” Saad joined the South Korean Ansan Greeners, who officially presented this morning.

Saad had recently disconnected from Al-Ansar after a dispute between them regarding the dues included in his contract, filing a complaint with the Lebanese Federation and another with “FIFA”.

The American Kansas City player had another career in Asia with Thailand’s Pattaya United in 2016, where he scored 9 goals in 28 games, and he will boost the ranks of the newly-established South Korean club (established in 2016), which is currently active in the second tier.

It is reported that Saad and since 2013 he played 14 international matches with Lebanon, during which he scored 3 goals, where he had chosen to play for the “Cedar Men” team after he represented the United States teams for players under 17 years (9 goals in 16 games, and without 20 years) 7 goals In 11 games).


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